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TTB is smart and flexible visual tool which helps to build true Agile process in your company. It would save a lot of daily duties of your team and provide the clear vision of each aspect of the project statuses

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How to use our app?

Do you have any doubts, questions concerns whether our application corresponds to the needs of your business? Will it be easy to use, will it help your company to make true Agile. Take a cup of coffee sit and relax, we will tell you a short story about possibilities and attractive features of our application…

Are you ready to start a new project?

Perform the preparation steps: setup new project, add members, organize team(s), configure your own development flow and boards or… you can use some of predefined flow prepared by us!

Prepare the Project Backlog

Collect the main requirements, create User Stories, Epics, Features and setup project structure based on business goals and expectations. Our application has a lot of cool features for clear and easy Backlog creation.

Are you ready to start Scrum?

Prioritize the project items, estimate and… start your first sprint! Or maybe you want to use Kanban? No problem our application supports Kanban flow!

Enjoy your development

Enjoy your development with many nice customizable boards which provide clear and precise visibility of the current state

Please, appreciate an outstanding real-time Gantt Charts formation option

TTB can automatically build Gantt Charts based on your team size, priorities, and ticket estimation. This is a real-time process, and the chart is instantly reshaped when you make changes in the project backlog or apply a filter. This feature allows you to get a visual picture of the upcoming development process, estimate the duration and problem areas, choose the optimal size and structure of the team. Moreover, TTB automatically tracks all the tickets progress and displays it on the same chart! This allows team members to focus on the most important tasks, track real progress and make necessary adjustments on the fly.

Do you want to gather some statistics?

Our application will collect all the important information about the time spent, items working periods, team performance, various forecasts - automatically. The only thing which is required is to set valid estimation and change item statuses on time!

Is it interesting and do you want to evaluate our application?

Try demo project which our team is prepared for you. It will take less than 10 minutes to review main features and get a first impression about TTB!
No email or phone is required!

Do you want to expand your team or you are looking for professionals to help you implement your business ideas as software product?

Currently, the TTB team is ready to provide you remote developers or to help with the creation of a software application. We are a highly experienced team of professionals with an greate expertise in software development. Our passion is the creation of cool, smart and modern applications that people like and want to use. The TTB application is the best proof of our possibilities! Be there any questions or inquiries please contact us to sales team email

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